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African home accessories

7 African Home Accessories to Complement Any Style

When you’re trying to bring life to your home decorations, look no further than the Motherland. Buying accessories with African inspiration can create an entirely new world in your household. Though its fiction, the movie Black Panther earning more than $1.3 billion happened because the world embraced the imagery and culture of Africa on a large scale. This is positive proof that The resonance of that film in Western cultures demonstrates the impression you can create by incorporating African design– sculptures, tribal art, basketry, textiles– into your home design concepts. Read on to learn more about African home accessories that you can use to light up your living space.

1. Look Into Some Stunning African Furniture Options

African furniture stands out because of its use of solid wood with distinct decorative features. Look into furniture that you can’t just get anywhere, such as hand-carved wood tiger pieces and plum-colored vases sculpted by a Senegalese ceramist.

Many African furniture pieces that you’ll find are hand-carved and artistic. It will add more personality than you can imagine, and will truly make your rooms one of a kind.

2. Purchase Art and Tribal Masks to Adorn Your Walls

African art is rich with meaning and history, particularly when it comes to the tribal mask. You can purchase some of these masks and adorn them on your wall to capture a piece of true culture.

Some examples of some masks you can buy include a fang mask from Gabon, or Kwele masks that represent forest rituals.

Paintings will add lots of vibrancy and expression to your home. You’ll want to hang this artwork throughout your home to get rid of white space and truly decorate it.

African paintings often have an amazing use of color and abstract meaning and can set an entire mood in your household. There are also Batik paintings of African drummers, tribal mask representations, and more.

3. Complex and Beautiful Baskets Can Complement Any Room

African baskets are some of the best forms of African art home decor that you can find. They are handmade and constructed tightly so that they are solid and not easily penetrated.

In addition to using the best materials, these baskets feature breathtaking designs and patterns. They feature different color schemes and expressions, and the possibilities are endless.

Some options you can choose between include a stairstep-patterned Wolof brown basket with accented colors or a yellow yoff palette hamper. These sorts of baskets are great for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and anywhere else in your home that has some overflow.

They are made with durable materials that are rolled, shaped, and designed in a way that gives you beautiful end results. These baskets also come in playful and fun earth tones that are great for just about any setting.

4. Shop Around for Amazing Couch Pillows and Pillow Covers

If you want your living room to be plush and comfortable, it doesn’t get better than couch pillows and throw pillows.

Place a few of them on the couch for decoration, and keep some spares that people can use as they’d like.

Not only are they comfy, but many of these pillows are designed with an African influence, to include colors like red, green, yellow and black, and to feature animals found on African safaris.

You’ll also want to shop around for some great pillow covers to go with them. These covers are often non-zippered and feature designs like artistic reds and browns, or representations of African masks.

5. Shop for Table Runners and Kitchenware

You can also keep color schemes in mind when buying your kitchen items. Not only will choosing the right colors to make your living space more beautiful, but it can also be symbolic.

Something as small as choosing Batik fabric waste bins for your kitchen can add an entirely different element. With these festive colors, you’ll likely feel like the waste bin is too good for the trash that goes into it.

You’ll be proud to feed your family and entertain guests with carved acacia wood bowls. Your dinner will be served with style and grace when you upgrade to some colorful napkins or serving trays that are made with natural grass.

Top it all off by purchasing table runners that take care of your furniture while also adding a rich dash of vibrancy.

6. Purchase Musical Instruments

Keep the richness of African culture in mind when decorating your home as well. Music and Africa are virtually synonymous, so pay homage to this by purchasing a nice set of drums.

While these drums are decorative, they’re also fully functional. This lets you pull them out to make beautiful music whenever you see fit. Aside from drums, you might want to purchase a large or small balaphone, which is native to Senegal and Ghana.

7. Hang a Banner

Finally, consider purchasing a banner-style print to hang high on your walls. These textiles come in many options, to include a rich moonlight blue or a sunset orange.

They are easy to hang and require very little setup.

Buy the Best African Home Accessories for Your Household

These are some amazing African home accessories that can turn your entire living arrangement around.

As you can see, there is plenty of opportunities to decorate your home by using African influence. This provides you a different bit of flavor and style that will make your home wonderful.

The good part is that we have everything that you need when you’re shopping for authentic African sculptures, furniture, and artwork. Our company name, “Dakar Bazaar”, is inspired by Senegal, and we remain in touch with our roots and our purpose.

Our artisans in Ghana and Senegal take their time with each and every piece.

We’d love to hear from you! You can contact us online or call us at (626)345-5860.