If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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30 days for any product defects not stated in the item’s description. Meaning, if we’ve already noted ‘imperfections’ in the product then we feel the buyer has been properly advised.

Yes. All products are predominantly handmade. In a some cases equipment is used to assist in production, such as a milling machine for textiles or a potter’s wheel used for ceramics. But there is no mass production. All products are sourced directly by DakarBazaar from the actual producer/artisans. So we can attest to their authenticity.

Generally, the dimensions are accurate and always ‘proportionally correct’. That is to say, they won’t vary to any degree that misrepresents size or utilization. Even so, given that these are handmade products they are truly ‘one-offs’. So, we appreciate your recognition that this is characteristic is an essential part of the appeal of artisan-made goods.

In the shipping process the baskets can get a bit skewed, leaning to one side. They are made of natural grasses so they’re pliable. That pliability allows them to be returned to form easily. Hand adjustments to the base of the basket and its sides will return it to level, much like molding wet clay. Also, temporarily placing a heavy item in the basket’s bottom can get the same results.

DakarBazaar sources directly from the producers and we follow the principles laid out by the Fair Trade Federation. At this time we are not certified members but we are actively in the process of certification and very anxious to achieve that designation. In the meantime, we seek out producers that are currently certified as suppliers.